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Rose Rothmier Photography


My name is Sarah Böer.

You might be feeling confused, lost, or unsure how to help your child or teen that is going through a difficult time. I understand how overwhelming the process of finding a good therapist can be. If your child/teenager is struggling with anxiety, unwanted thoughts, self-harm, grief/loss, behavior problems at school, or life transitions/stress, I can help. 

I am a licensed social worker and I enjoy working with children and adolescents ages 5-18. My specialty area is helping kids and teens that have anxiety and/or struggle with self-harm or behavior problems at school. However, I also work with a wide range of other issues that I am happy to discuss with you to see if I'd be the right fit. 

My hope is to foster a compassionate and accepting environment so that my clients feel safe and respected throughout therapy. I am honored as a therapist to be invited into a client's journey to healing. My favorite thing about being a therapist is watching my clients find their inner resiliency, strength and wisdom so that they can get back to enjoying life with ease. Contact me today for a free phone consultation and to talk more.

As your child's therapist, I will collaborate with you throughout the therapeutic process. We will work together so that you are provided with the tools to assist in your child's recovery outside of therapy. I will listen to you and your child with compassion and empathy. Your child will feel empowered and confident that they can overcome their struggles.

Anxiety                                                                   Self-Harm                                           Relationship Issues                                 

Grief & Loss                                                          Conflict Resolution                         Stress Management

Social/Coping Skills                                          Self-Esteem